We've been having some return writers here on the blog lately and I love it!
Linna, over in Scotland, shares some thoughts on modern day mindsets that trap us
a constant mode of production and planning, keeping us from truly enjoying
our moments
right here, right now. I appreciate you Linna, and your beautiful words.
If you've
got some thoughts to share, send em my way—

@bluelandinwonderland  |  Blueland in Wonderland

We are all trying to go somewhere, we have something to reach, someone to become, our eyes are always looking at a prize, fixed at the trophy. From day one we are getting ready, working on the necessary equipment we are going to need. Never satisfied, never stopping, therefore this list keeps getting larger and larger, ticking boxes and adding more. We spend our whole lives preparing ourselves. We keep on running, building, never pleased, always craving more… more money, more power, more things, more and more and more. We pass this hunger to our kids and them to theirs. What an endless toxic cycle. Nowadays we run on gasoline and not on anything genuine.

We are constantly worrying about things we have to do, things that are coming and things that might come that we neglect what is happening at the moment and what we have achieved, created and overcome so far. We fail to see the art around us, we do not allow ourselves to take a moment and enjoy because that time would be a waste, keeping us away from the trophy.

We think life is all about the future, we keep on visualizing it, planning for it. We forget about today when we are worrying about tomorrow. We are missing out on so many wonderful things happening right next to us while planning and worrying. And we never stop, that’s the thing! This worrying and planning never ends and that’s where we get lost along the way.

So please, take a moment and look around you. Look at your loved ones, at their smile, listen to their laughter. There are kids playing at the playground, two people having their first date at the park. A dad coming home physically and mentally exhausted from work, but when his little girl runs towards him to hug him with a smile, full of excitement on her face, all the pain and tiredness goes away. Look at your own self, do you realise how far you have come? What you have accomplished and survived so far? You are taught to keep going, never rest, to always aim higher. But have you given yourself some credit? Have you enjoyed what you have already achieved?

At a hike the best feeling is when you look back/down and see how far you have come. All that sweat, all that trembling down your feet, the burn on your thighs, all the moments you were out of breath thinking you had enough but you kept going, all of this will be paid off once you look down on the wonderful view. And then YES you aim for taller more challenging peaks. But no peak, no matter how tall, is worth a thing unless YOU realise it’s worth.

So take a minute and look around you! The world is bigger than the things you are worrying about today and the things you plan. Life is fleeting. Seize every moment. Yes aim higher and higher, get better, test yourself and overcome obstacles, but remember

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans." -Allen Saunders

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