About rock meets soil

Welcome to that place, where the rock meets the soil. We're not exactly sure what that means or where we're at, but we're glad you're here with us!

Here at Rock Meets Soil we think it's pretty important to share your story. Whether that means writing up the story of your life, sharing some photography or a video, poetry, artwork of any kind, travel diaries, thoughts on life, or any other means of expressing who you are, where you're from, or what you've learned, that's a story. And we know that by sharing it, other people can relate and can find inspiration and courage on their journey.

There are seven billion people on this planet, and we're all living our lives in our own ways. By sharing our creations and our stories with the world, we inspire others on a similar path. The story of your life, the views you capture through your viewfinder, the way you express your thoughts and perceptions are important.

Rock Meets Soil is the place to share all of this. There are no rules to what we're doing here; you can share whatever you want. Join us in taking life day by day and sharing what we learn along the way.