Simple Drawings

A long-time friend of mine and fellow Midwestern native, Skyler has
always gotten my attention with his simple drawings. Here he shares a peek at

what is in his sketchbook and where some of his inspiration comes from.

There’s not much to say about my art really. 
It’s made of simple lines, but full of memories and places of my past and present.

I create simple line drawings from my time in the Colorado Rockies.

Living in Denver I found my place of peace at the drawing table
where I could get away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Finding solitude beneath the stars and in the trees,
I draw from my memories of camping and getting lost on the weekends.

Dedicated to my work as a designer, I don’t get to spend long lengths of time in
the outdoors as I would like. 
So I use my skills as an artist to draw and
remember my time well spent in the great outdoors.

Traveling when I can, I bring my sketchbook along on my adventures.
This was a little peek at what’s inside.

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