Against the Grain

This is what it's all about you guys. Share your story with the world.
Keith has sent this short and sweet bit about
why he has chosen to live in his tiny home
on wheels and his thoughts on this whole movement happening across the globe.

He enjoys helping folks with similar builds or with general
fixes as things get r
attled around on the road. You can find and follow his travels
and work at @keithco and through the hashtag #outtheresolutions.

I have been on the road full time for nine months now chasing warmer winters in my little home-built cabin on wheels. I am a carpenter/handyman of sorts, so I pick up odd jobs to fund projects as well my adventures as I go.

Like so many others I felt stuck, working my butt off trying to keep my head above water in a little ski town in Colorado. Finding remotely affordable, long-term housing is impossible. Hemorrhaging cash to a land lord and living with five dudes crammed in a house just wasn't appealing to me any more. 


I have tried my whole life to fit in and make friends. This community of alternative living, this movement, is nothing short of amazing. These folks are the friendliest, most down to earth, non-judgmental people you will ever meet!   

"Hey, I live in this funky little shack, oh you live in a van, perfect let's be friends." See you out there ✌️

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