An Evening Spent in the Hammock

Guys, there is no “right” way to write. Just let it flow.
I love this reflection that Andraya sent in. Have a look at some of her
other writing and photography on her Instagram page below.

an evening spent in the hammock

The moon shone bright that night, making shadows dance about.
There was a soft, cool breeze that brushed across her skin.
She looked up in awe at her surroundings. She felt calm, connected to the Mother Earth.
She was content. There was no need for drunken small talk, barely able to hear each other over the loud music.
Her thoughts were clear. She thought back to when they weren’t. When they were shattered, and foggy.
She smiled as she wraps her arms around herself.  She is a different person now.
She carries herself with grace, strength, confidence and awareness. She’s not perfect, but who is.
She is a piece of art work in the process of being complete.
And that’s where she wants to stay. Learning, growing, loving, blossoming.
Living. Spreading love through her colors.