Fear Less: Our Hope for Children

Disclaimer: this video is full of super cute little kiddos

Alright guys, I know we've got some mommas and papas following along here, but this
message isn't just for them; this is for every single one of us. Take a few minutes to watch this
powerful (and adorable) video put together by my good friend Emily and her colleagues showing us
that each and every one of us, including the littlest of humans are part of a larger whole. 

"The world is our classroom, and history can be found in the story of a stranger."

Tap into that inner child that is inside of us all and start looking at the world through the eyes
of that innocent and curious little being. Let's begin to instill more hope and courage into our children
and ourselves by creating and supporting curiosity, purpose and wonder into our lives.

@emilyeunice  @k.grades  @sassiecorrells

Throughout my career path in the field of early childhood education I became
painfully aware of how society commonly views the young people of our communities. 

Fear Less: Our Hope for Children is a powerful video, relevant to anyone interested in building
a more compassionate society. Today’s young children will guide our world’s tomorrows. If their actions
are to be based on connection and hope, rather than fear, we must act. We must begin a conversation
about the values underlying the messages we give to our current citizens and future leaders.

This video was created by me and my fellow graduate peers through the Boulder
Journey School Teacher Education Program. We want this project to inspire and spark a rich
dialogue among many with the hope that children can be seen through the eyes of the
their community members as contributors of our ever changing World. 


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