Home is Where You Park It

a collaboration of tiny home dwellers from across the globe

If you've been following Rock Meets Soil you know we're all about tiny living. I've been living
in a van for a year and a half and love to share my insight and experiences on the blog. A lot of people
ask me what the most difficult part is about living so small or what my advice would be to someone on
how to do it successfully. To me, the most important part about making it work is turning your small
space into a home, which we all do in our own ways. So, instead of writing about it, I asked the amazing
community of tiny home dwellers across the globe to chime in and help me show you how we do it. 

The rules were simple. Send me three items or hacks that make your life easier or more
enjoyable with a handful of photos showing how you've made your space a home. I could not have
asked for a better response to my request. I had 40 submissions and every single one of them is my
favorite, and I couldn't leave anyone out so I had to make it two parts! There is no rhyme or
reason to the order so make sure and just keep scrolling so you don't miss anything. 

From an antique fire extinguisher urinal in a school bus, a mobile apothecary, and custom built
kitchen setups and water pumps to Walden paper walls, full-time tent camping in the winter, and a tuk-tuk
with a full kitchen in India, the creativity and love put into these tiny homes is beyond inspiring.
Get lost in the real world of tiny living and learn a thing or two about hinges, locks and velcro
and just how sustainable this community is running off the power of the sun. 

I want to thank everyone who submitted so much for playing. This was really fun to put together.
For those of you who missed this round, don't worry! I'll be doing something similar again soon.
Keep an eye out for the next collaboration and call for submissions and feel free to subscribe with us
to receive a periodic update on stories and discounts for the shop. Safe travels and happy trails!

Now who's ready to nerd out on some tiny homes?