Home: A Poem


How do you define home?
Have you ever felt more at home in a place you have
never been than in the town that you grew up in?

We understand those feelings here on Rock Meets Soil.

Is it a little bit strange
how I can be far away
but feel so much at home?
I walk these busy streets
of distant places
yet with family I feel I roam.

Not once have I felt
misplaced or rejected,
only acceptance has been projected.
I continue to walk
these unknown roads with ease,
because every moment
I know I will seize.

You see, home is not a place,
but rather a feeling.
That warmth in your heart
can go beyond just one ceiling.

So let yourself go,
and be a child of the wind
because only then will your soul
have love to lend.

My home is filled with unfamiliar faces.
My home is strewn across so many places.

Open your mind and you shall see,
no matter where you go,
at home you will be.