Key Holder

"I hope I never get tired of the night sky, of thunderstorms,
of watching cream making galaxies in my coffee. I hope I never grow to be
someone who can no longer see the small beautiful things."

This is the intro to Linna's blog Blueland in WonderlandLinna has created a space to
remind folks that we are not alone, that we all go and grow through dark periods in life, and that it's
okay to not be okay 100% of the time. She does a wonderful job of empowering people with her
words and photographs, and here she shares a short piece called Key Holder, paired with some of her
photography. Thank you for helping spread a little love and light into the world, Linna.

Key Holder



Why, when we are feeling blue, do we want to deny or hide this emotion? We never seem to encourage people to go through the full circle and face their emotions. It is okay not to be okay. It is okay to want to take the time off and go find yourself.



People—we fall, we go through crises where we cannot recognize the person in the mirror looking right back at us. Scary isn’t it? Having a stranger inside of you. You start wondering how is this person’s character? What does he like and not like? You find yourself not knowing the answer to these questions or not liking the answer to these questions.



Because this person might be very different from the one you used to be and all of the sudden you feel tiny and powerless in front of this stranger. Nothing feels the same anymore; home is no longer home. What used to be nice and warm feels now cold. Everything is distant and lonely. Even thinking becomes frightening.



People say it is easy—all you have to do is think positive. But NO! Sometimes you have to face these negatives emotions, thoughts, the demons inside you, and go through this dark path. Feeling trapped or suffocating is a horrible feeling and soul eating. It is not all flowers and rainbows. It is not just positive thinking.



You know that you have to face this alone, and it is okay to want to be left alone. It will not go away and it will follow you unless you face it. The thoughts of this darkness winning and overcoming you, will never go away unless you decide to open this little door in your mind and explore.



It is intimidating to look straight into the eyes of the demons you created and brought to life yourself, yes. But who else has the key to that door but you?



Everyone is scared of losing everything and everything means ‘yourself’. The most important relationship is the one with yourself, and that is forever true.




Read more of Linna's insight and check out some
of her photography on her blog
Blueland in Wonderland.

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