Journey, home, passion...

We all have a story to share. Megan's comes in the form of a reflection.
Here is a beautifully written account of "discovering hidden realms,"
both in nature and within ourselves.

On June 16, 2013, I set out on a journey that forever changed who I am. I left my home in Michigan to drive around the country with someone I loved, witnessing the immense beauty of our public lands. I camped the majority of our road trip that endured for nearly two months. I laid my head to rest by a river where I heard bison splashing as they crossed into our campground in the twilight of morning. Beneath giant snow capped peaks in Glacier that greeted me as I unzipped the tent and took my first deep breaths of the day. In a dense forest below Crater Lake, where I later took an icy plunge into the piercing blue water. Among thousands of banana slugs on a misty bluff in the redwoods overlooking the vast Pacific.

This journey set me on a path of epic discovery. I discovered hidden realms buried in lush ferns
beneath towering tree giants and splashed beside vivid sea critters as the salty tide washed over us. I began to understand the intricate web that we are all weaving together. To be in nature is to be home. This realization had not fully hit me until I was there. I was living it. I was home.

Possessions and walls are not a requisite to feel at home. They provide a sense of security –
something tangible that you can touch or hold onto and think, “This is mine. This is my home.”
Imagine, though, touching the bark of a tree or holding a leaf in your palm or dipping your fingertips into a stream. Is this not home?

There is security in having a home within walls. It is unmoving and unchanging and you always know where to find it when you need shelter. This sense of security is something I have grown to appreciate more as I age. I have moved across the country three times in the last year and a half. I have felt exhausted and stretched far thinner than I would like. Now, crawling into my cushy queen sized bed at night brings me comfort and peace. Having steady income provides relief and eases my mind when something goes unexpectedly wrong. These things, these material possessions, may bring me comfort but they do not ignite my passions or set my soul ablaze…and quite frankly, I see no purpose to this life without that passionate fire blazing in my heart.

Recently, I returned from a road trip down the Oregon coast and into the Redwoods where I camped beside a stunningly clear river. I shed tears as we drove beneath the ancient tree giants, letting every emotion I had ever felt while on the road wash over me again. Gratitude and love fill me when I dwell on these moments. To visit these places that I cherish so deeply, years later, is an honor and a privilege. My heart knows immeasurable depths as a result of this journey I began years ago and continue to dive deeper into.

Megan is the owner of Wanderers Soap. Her simple, all natural soaps and body care items "are vegan or vegetarian friendly and are designed to nurture your body and soul. In my opinion, the fewer the ingredients the better!"