Roll with Kathleen, Greg + Blaize in a Camper Trailer

Back in August we had the pleasure of attending a gathering of fellow van lifers.
The campout was put together by the American representatives for Vanlife Diaries,
Kathleen and Greg of Tiny House, Tiny Footprint. Take a moment to read part of
their story about the year they spent living in their camper trailer.

“I met her on Tinder, but got to know her in a camper trailer.”
  — Greg

When we moved into our camper trailer two years ago, we didn’t know anyone who was living small. We left our 1,000-square-foot apartment in Denver and moved into our tiny home (140 square feet). We both continued to work full-time office jobs while navigating living against the norms of society.We chose to reduce our environmental footprint as a way to be closer with the natural world. We limited resources and instead spent more time outdoors.

Every person who lives small has a story, and they all have inspired me. We are so grateful for this community. We have all chosen alternative lifestyles that grant us happiness and the ability to travel more freely.

On our blog, we encourage others to try alternative lifestyles and to find a connection to nature. Each week we feature tiny dwellers who are pursuing a new way of living. Our new book tells our story, a non-typical look at how to find freedom in a smaller home while still living in the modern world.

Let’s get to know these three a little…

Kathleen describes herself as: an adventurer and traveler, one who often takes the road less traveled for the drive of capturing the unexpected. She says, “I have always been a photographer and a journalist. When I was little, I would write and illustrate my own children’s books, creating stories about a girl and her dog. Now I am that girl and Blaize is my adventure dog. This experiment in tiny living has made me a wild child, and I hope to inspire people to get outside and explore.”

Greg claims to be the guy you want to take backpacking or on a local hiking trail. He will find the hidden wild strawberry patch or some delicious flowers from edible plants. He says, “My interest in architecture began as a child when my favorite activity was building a network of tree houses in the 70-year-old cottonwood trees behind my family’s house. It wasn’t until I went to college that I discovered ecological systems, bio-mimicry and sustainable architecture. Now I am a landscape architect consultant that is passionate about tiny house design, renewable energies, urban design, interior design, ecology and permaculture, to name a few.”

And we can’t leave out Blaize. In her words, “I’ve been through a lot in the past few years. First, I lived in a city apartment. It was fun going on walks around the block, but I was always on a leash and my outside time was limited. Then I lived in a camper trailer for over a year. I had a backyard I could finally explore whenever I wanted. Now we live in all sorts of tiny spaces. Wild, right? How many dogs can say they’ve tried out so many different tiny houses?”