Interview 01: Photographer and Outdoor Enthusiast

Really excited to start sharing a new series of stories with you guys…
Rock Meets Soil will now be featuring not very serious interviews with very interesting people.

Interview 01 is with Maisy who has shared some of her photography with us
in the past — Mostly Mountains, Probably Barefoot.

Sun or moon?

Spring or fall?
I would trade summer for extra-long transitional seasons.

Mashed potatoes or baked potato?
All of the potatoes

Would you rather be three feet tall or eight feet tall?
Probably three feet. I’m so short now it’s not that far off.

Kangaroo or koala?

Cake or pie?
Neither because I have Celiac
so my life tastes like cardboard either way.

Ninjas or pirates?

100 years ago or 100 from now?
100 years from now

Silk or flannel?

Who are you and where do you come from? 

I’m Maisy, and I currently live in Northern Colorado,
but I was born and raised in the UK.

Could you describe yourself in three words?


Have you always been a brunette?

I actually have red hair! Hard to tell in photographs…
But no, back in my early teens I think I went
through about every hair colour under the sun.
Turns out, I don’t look great with jet black bangs.


Share your most exciting or interesting
encounter with wildlife

I feel like living in the Rockies you’re surrounded by
SO many amazing  animals all of the time that this question is kind of hard for me to answer… But I was definitely beyond stoked to come across thirteen different grizzly bears while hiking through Glacier National Park this summer! Fluffy bear tooshies are the best…at a distance. 
I also thoroughly enjoy drinking my morning coffee surrounded by our local elk friends!


How early is too early?

This is not really a concept that exists to me :) If it’s worth it, I’ll be up for it.



Where does a lot of your inspiration come from?

Depends on what you’re talking about. As far as photography, it’s honestly just hard
not to want to capture the world around us and share what I’m seeing to the best of my abilities.
In regards to mountain sports…I honestly just watch a ton of documentaries (Last month
I went on a Himalayan mountaineering bender, this month has been predominantly
focused on big wall climbing) and am surrounded by some of the most
badass and humbling people who are killing it at what they do.


What motivates you to get up before sunrise
for an adventure?

I’ve always been more of a sunrise person than a sunset person. Getting to watch a new day begin and the world wake up just makes me feel fantastic and refreshed. Plus, there’s substantially less people on the trails at 3am.


What makes a home, a home?

Where you pitch it :)


What is one of your passions?

Environmental activism!


What is your favorite natural landscape?

I’m super torn between gnarly, snowcapped mountains
and the desert. I love the mountains and the snow
and the thrill of the alpine, but there’s a feeling you get in your heart and soul when you’re soaking in that desert sunshine that’s like no other.


What object (not an animal) would you want to be reincarnated as?

Chris Burkard's camera…


Where would you most like to travel to right now?

My travel bucket list is ridiculously extensive. I’ve spent the last few years touring the American west which has been wonderful, especially growing up overseas. I think I’m ready to get back into international travel though, so right now I really have my eyes set on Patagonia, Peru, Iceland, Morocco, and Antarctica.


Do you value routine or spontaneity more?

I’m definitely a creature of habit in some regards, like I’ll play the same song over and over until I literally never want to hear it again or eat a veggie bowl at Qdoba every night for dinner for a week straight. But as far as in life, definitely spontaneity. I get restless when I’ve been home for too long and pretty much spend all of my rest time planning my next escape. Life makes more sense in a tent.


When you were ten, what did you want to be
when you grew up?

A marine biologist!
But as it turns out, boats make me really, really seasick
and Colorado isn’t exactly known for its beaches,
so here we are.


What is your favorite…


Vowel: O

Fabric pattern: No idea. I really dig on the Turkish textiles though..

Shape: Circle

Type of weather: Blue skies, cool temps, warm breeze!

Flower: Columbine, Lily, Indian Paintbrush, and Hibiscus

Job you’ve ever had: Theatre work!

Stone: Turquoise

Planet: Neptune