Dream On, Dreamer

"Life has handed me a lot of lemons lately and I need to make myself some lemonade."

Since I can remember, that feeling of wanderlust courses through my veins.

I was 16 the first time I attempted to let the dreams take hold of my soul. I was so dependent on the people I was with, and the inconsistency of their life choices was not one that I desired. So I made a choice to go back to school and at least graduate. After graduation, once again, the people I surrounded myself with were not dreamers, and the life I desired was essentially a joke to them. Being in a relationship at the time, I felt the need to reconfigure my life, dreams, and goals. 

A “white picket fence” life with the kids and the wedding and the dog were what I started aiming for, and those dreams eventually took complete hold. Now I’m 25. I have not yet left Colorado, nor do I have a husband or children… or the means to do so right now. Born and raised here, the need to leave burns in my soul. After multiple failed attempts at a lifestyle that obviously wasn’t one that’s in the cards for me at the moment, I made an overwhelming decision to pursue my dreams. And I plan to do it solo.

Now, I’m not saying having a companion or someone there wouldn’t be nice, it’s just not what I’d prefer. You can’t put your dreams on hold in hopes that someone will want them too. Every person is so individual and so unique in their own ways. We all should find it within ourselves to pursue that which sets our soul and heart on fire.

Back to my point: wanderlust. It’s finally time to stop waiting and start doing. There are obvious first steps I need to take, which I’m hoping the people of my kind can give me a few pointers. Anything will help since I’m at Step Zero with just my dreams guiding me.

A van is what I desire, just big enough for me and my pup. I want to get used to the life before I decide to take the steps to leave. But, oh, the places I want to go! The map, the idea, the dream…are all what’s driving me now. The urge to explore is strong and one that no longer can be ignored for my sanity and the sake of my gypsy soul. There’s a whole world to see. One step at a time will take me to places I never dreamed I’d see. Now the dreams need to fuel my goals. Primary focus: manifest.