Running Through the Woods at Midnight

Wanderlust is defined as "a strong desire to travel" or "a strong longing or impulse toward wandering."
But where does it comes from? What drives us to travel
halfway across the world to foreign lands and faraway places?

Brian shares thoughts on this idea and how the woods in his backyard inspired him to pursue a life of wanderlust.

My entire life I have always sought to find awe inspiring sights. When I was a kid, maybe ten years old, I remember having an extremely strong desire to run into the woods in my backyard at midnight. Most kids might be frightened at that idea, but for me it was exciting. So here I am now at age 27,  and I still have that same desire, but sadly the woods in my backyard have become old news. There was only one answer to this problem… Iceland.

Iceland brought me back to being ten, running through my woods at night. I felt as though I was in a magical land that had never been seen before. No words can explain the pure joy it brought me to feel that excitement again.

Not only was the scenery beautiful, but the lucky guy that I am, I got to have my beautiful wife with me (just married months after our trip to Iceland). Victoria is my best friend; we do everything together. There is nothing better than having your partner in crime, your sidekick, your better half with you when you are out in the world facing and experiencing these amazing trials and wonders.

I look at life like an amusement park. At some point, the park will close, sadly. So if all we have is a short amount of time, let’s hit all the biggest and most thrilling roller coasters this park has to offer. So far… Iceland, check.

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