Hiking in Nevada

Always down for some new hiking recommendations! Sarah
Hardy gives some insight into Nevada's stereotype as bright lights and late nights, and
shares some favorite wilderness trails to opt for over the casino culture.

Sarah is a writer and environmentalist. Her passion is discovering new hiking
trails and sharing them with her readers. Whether
it is walking the dogs or going on a weeklong
trip, she
believes that everyone should regularly venture out to the countryside.


hiking in nevada


Nevada is famous for its exciting nightlife and vibrant casino culture. However, one aspect of the state that many people don’t immediately associate with Nevada is its remarkable nature trails. These trails are becoming increasingly popular, with travelers coming from all over the world to experience the beautiful landscapes. There are more than 30 covering Nevada’s peaks and are above 11,000 feet, the highest of which is Boundary Peak at 13,147 feet in Esmeralda County. Here we look at three must-visit trails every adventure seeker and hiking enthusiast should place on their Nevada travel itinerary.

Valley of Fire State Park

As a 46,000-acre public recreation and nature preservation area, the Valley of Fire State Park is one of the largest and oldest sites in the country. Nestled in the south of Overton, the park has scenery that would make you think you are surveying a territory that's out of this world. AirBnB managing editor Andy Murdock told the BBC, “It looks like another planet.” Many visitors come to the valley to camp out and witness the vibrant star-filled night sky.

The majority of hiking trails in the Valley of Fire are manageable distances. For example, White Domes is an easy trek that takes around 30 minutes. The trail begins at the south section of the parking lot situated in between two massive sandstone crags. The 1.2-mile hike goes through an area that was used as a location in Star Trek: Generations (1994) and Stephen King’s The Stand (1994). It also goes through a number of stunning short slot canyons.

Tahoe Rim Trail

The Tahoe Rim Trail is a long-distance hiking trail. The 165-mile adventure goes around Lake Tahoe Basin in the Sierra Nevada, and then over the Carson ranges of California and Nevada. The trail is a great way to detach yourself from urban living. The elevation of this site is between 6,240 feet to 9,338 feet (which is at the outlet of Lake Tahoe).

The Tahoe Rim Trail Association reports that would-be hikers should expect a lot of snow and ice throughout the journey, especially at high elevations and on the north facing slopes. Moreover, thunderstorms and snowstorms can come without warning, so it is best to exercise caution and thoroughly prepare the appropriate provisions.

Turtlehead Peak

While very accessible, hiking the Turtlehead Peak will test your physical conditioning. The trek stretches for approximately 4.5 miles and requires you to climb and scramble up steep terrain. Though it may be a gruelling climb, sightings of beautiful wild flowers, and jaw dropping panoramic views, make the whole adventure worth your time.

Nature Trails Over the Usual Nevada Attractions

The nature trails are the perfect antidote to urban living and show that there is much more to Nevada than Las Vegas. In fact, the tourism industry in Nevada is under threat due to the increasing prevalence of online gaming. Digital gaming outlets can now replicate the casino experience on a mobile device or computer. Industry leader Slingo uses live dealers for their casino games that create the same interpersonal experience of playing at actual casino tables. This is further proof that more people are turning away from physical experiences and shifting to digital activities. It is for this reason that getting outside and exploring nature is so important. We must not live a life without physical experiences. A previous Rock Meets Soil writing by Megan shows how vital it is to connect with nature to find our true selves.

I hope that this post shows that there is much more to Nevada than the neon lights of Vegas.
Despite its reputation as a desert state, it has its own unique beauty that is certainly worth exploring. 

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