Living in a Bus—Chile to Canada

Looking through the photos on the @yellowsubmarinewithwheels' page makes my heart
slightly ache with jealousy. Damn, you guys look like you're having the best time! Imagine cruising from
Chile to Canada in a big, yellow, self-converted bus with a few friends from all over the world. Yea...feel that jealousy
creeping in? Check out this six minute doc about Nadine and her journey converting the bus into

what it is today, as well as some really great perspectives on life and travel.

Here's my story: I live in a bus. I bought it whilst travelling Chile and converted it myself into what is now a rolling home for up to six travelers. I am now en route in Colombia and destined to drive all the way to from Chile to Canada! Like [Jane] and [Jamie], we are all independent females who left society to live in nature and roam the earth with a motor under our feet and a metal shell to support us. We gave up showers, bathrooms and the many comforts of home to be free, explore and adventure the world. This video shows the process of me building my bus including my struggles, difficulties of mechanics and my perspective on a minimalist life.

The crew in the yellow bus started a 'Clean Up the Caribbean' campaign to pick up trash in the
environment and help raise funds to ship the bus from Colombia to Panama.
Find out more on their Go Fund Me.

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