Scribble Scrabbles


I met Maja at a van camp out last fall in Colorado where we shared stories,
beers, songs, and laughs around the fire with so many good people. Maja and her
dog, Nika, joined us hiking a 14,000 foot summit to conclude the weekend.
Good times, better people. Is it summer yet? 

Here are some scribbles from Maja's journey.

We are the nobodies
The ones who think free
We live outside the categories
Without a label, comes no parody

Driven by our love drunk hearts
We dream when it gets dark
Speak our thoughts without a doubt
Feel the fear, then stick it out

Always learning, never knowing
Hypocrites in the making
Over struggle we choose change
Forget our ways, embrace the day

We might not have as much to show
No identities or pockets to grow
But with the time we've stolen back
We find there's more to life than lack

And here's a fact..

If you focus on what's lost
You'll find yourself tossed
Into space, where nothing is found
And there's no one familiar around

Just a hole in the ground..

Don't be afraid, the world is fair
You get exactly what you share
Expect a thief, he'll be right there
But see his light, a smile he'll wear

Leave behind the ways of greed
Lose the pride, it can't be freed
Let go of the things you "need"
Escape the speed, rip up the deed

Take a look at what's right here
Really listen to the truth, not fear
 For we've been free all along
Come join us and enjoy the sound

Happiness is not some distant task
Stop your struggle, take off the mask
You're always you, and always will be
Figure out how that makes you happy